About Me

Have you had an idea to create a business and never have done anything about it, yet? Well, that was me, too.  Throughout the last 25 years of my life, I have been an interior designer, a floral designer, a mom, a wife, a cook, an organization leader, and so much more. Throughout these experiences I have met so many wonderful people. I have learned to listen, respect others opinions, and become self-motived.

Being a mom and a wife was first in my life. Now that my two daughters are in college, I finally have made my business idea a reality.

I love to cook and I love to create flower arrangements. I needed something that would protect my clothing but wanted it to be functional, practical, sustainable and have a designer  look. After 2 years of planning, designing, networking, KaCo Designs by Liz  Laminated Aprons developed.  I have taken and idea and created a beautiful line of aprons.

Cooking for people that either do not cook or in ill health and creating arrangements for friends, parties, or just because, all of which create beautiful smiles when received.

My goal is to grow my company to a point that I am able to give back to those in need.

Spring Floral


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